A project by Instituto Procomum, is launching its second season with an open call to select 10 artists, producers, makers and dreamers



Do you believe art can change the world?

Do you want to improve yourself as an artist or cultural producer through classes, workshops, mentoring, networks and exchanges with other artists, producers and makers?

Do you need space to develop your artistic projects?

Would you like to collaborate with other people and projects, exchanging knowledge and experiences?
Do you want to develop an artistic project with a territorial emphasis that creates social impact, promoting dialogue between culture, cities and social transformation?

Colaboradora – Arts and Communities, a project by Instituto Procomum, is launching its second season with an open call to select 10 artists, producers, makers and dreamers who are interested in:

1 – participating in an educational journey through the arts and communities over ten months, the first three of which will have weekly in-person activities;

2 – being part of a citizen laboratory, LAB Procomum, created and maintained by Instituto Procomum in the city of Santos, São Paulo;

3 – getting involved in an educational experiment based on collaboration and open processes of collective creation;

4 – developing, over a period of six months, at least one artistic project in the area known as the Market Wharf (Bacia do Mercado), in downtown Santos, SP, which comprises the neighborhoods of Paquetá, Vila Matias and Vila Nova.


Ten artists and/or cultural producers who employ different languages/media will be selected for an educational journey composed of four fields of development:

1. artistic development, with a focus on aesthetic strengthening and broadening of repertoire;
2. cultural production, with a focus on career and project management skills;
3. territorial experiences, with a focus on social and cultural aspects and multicultural dialogue;
4. collaborative processes, with a focus on collective coexistence and care;

The educational journey will have at least ten modules proposed by the project’s faculty as well as other guests and will observe the aforementioned topics. In the first three months (January through March), the training meetings will happen on a weekly basis, including weekends.

Throughout the year, each participant will develop a prototype that must run for at least six months in the Market Wharf (Bacia do Mercado) and the neighborhoods surrounding LAB Procomum in downtown Santos, SP, Brazil.

In order to define the scope and action plan of their prototypes, the participants will collaborate with other selected applicants and mentors who will keep track of the experience.

Each selected participant will receive a total of BRL 3,000.00 in financial support to enable their prototype of arts and communities. The form of payment will be specified subsequently in partnership with the coordination team of the Colaboradora project. The financial support will be paid in consideration of the execution of the proposed action.

Colaboradora – Arts and Communities works with the notion that there are many essential resources besides financial ones. Therefore, the participants will also be encouraged to establish non-monetary exchanges with each other, which will be valued through a time- based currency.


The faculty of Colaboradora – Arts and Communities is made up of artists, researchers, producers and managers with recognized accomplishments in the world of arts and culture in Brazil and abroad. These teachers will also act as mentors throughout the entire period of the Colaboradora project.

To get to know the teachers who have already been selected, visit this ​link.


Artists and cultural producers from any location, age, race and gender, as long as they are available to spend time in the Santos Basin (Baixada Santista) during the execution of the project.


Colaboradora is a collaboration platform that brings together an open education school with a creative, collective environment of work and experimentation. Produced by Instituto Procomum, it is inspired by La Colaboradora, a program by social innovation ecosystem Zaragoza Activa​, from Spain.

To find out how the first edition of Colaboradora – Arts and Communities went, visit:

To find out about the Colaboradora – Sharing Cultural Enterprise edition, visit:



The program does not expect those selected in the open call to make any monetary investment. The monthly amount invested in each student is BRL 2,000.00 per month (BRL 20,000.00 for the full program), which will be funded by Instituto Procomum thanks to the sponsorship of an international fund. This amount includes:

  • Three months of continuous education as well as other formative meetings distributed over the duration of the project;
  • Visits and experiences in cultural and artistic spaces;
  • Mentoring during six months (the number of in-person and online meetings to be defined subsequently), focusing on the personal development of the participants and improvement of the prototype;
  • Financial support of BRL 3,000.00 for the development of the prototype (form of payment to be defined subsequently by the artist and the coordinators of the project);
  • Full access to the infrastructure of LAB Procomum: free knowledge space (with a library, radio and media center); care room; technology room (makerspace and hackerspace); collaborative work room; meeting room; communal kitchen; urban permaculture space; and a patio for events and workshops;
  • Access to the common use equipment available at LAB Procomum;
  • Participation in the Second Meeting of Cultures and Communities at the Market Wharf.


  • Commit to the values and principles of Instituto Procomum;
  • Be present in at least 80% of the activities of the educational journey;
  • Develop a prototype of an artistic project to be performed throughout six months in the Market Wharf (Bacia do Mercado);
  • Develop the prototype in collaboration with the local community and ensuring its social impact;
  • Develop a dynamic of care towards the other selected participants, the space and other attendees of LAB Procomum;
  • Donate at least four hours per month to the Time Bank of the project, collaborating with other projects and LAB Procomum;
  • Document the process and produce monthly contents about it.


The selection will follow four steps:

1. Analysis of applications by a selection committee composed of external guests and the team of Instituto Procomum;

2. Interviews with pre-selected applicants held by a panel formed by the Colaboradora management team and any other partners of the program;

3. Publication of the final results by email and on Instituto Procomum’s communication channels;

4. Meeting between the selected applicants and the project management team to sign the Letter of Acceptance and offer further clarification.


The selection committee will review applications based on the criteria described below, the maximum score being 100.

  • Comprehension of the proposal (20)
  • Artistic and cultural background (20)
  • Creative capacity and aesthetic relevance (20)
  • Willingness to collaborate (15)
  • Networking and mobilization capacity (15)
  • Engagement with and/or interest in researching the issue of the commons (10)

All projects by Instituto Procomum are founded on the premise of strengthening mainly the actions and creations of women (plural form), people of African descent, the LBGTQI + population, indigenous people and others who belong to what are conventionally referred to as underrepresented populations.


Oct 31 – Nov 22: Applications through the website at the following link:

Nov 22 – 27: Analysis by the selection committee (qualification and disqualification)

Dec 2: Disclosure of the pre-selected applicants

Dec 3-10: Interviews with pre-selected applicants

Dec 13: Release of final results

Dec 16-20: Signing of Letter of Acceptance


Jan 17-18 2020: Opening Gathering of Colaboradora, held at LAB Procomum in an immersion format;

Jan 16 – Mar 31 2020: Educational journey with work hours also on weekends;

Apr-Sep 2020: Development of the art and community prototype, along with training sessions, collaborative actions and other experiences;

Sep 2020: Second Meeting of Cultures and Communities 5 – Oct 2020: Closing of the second season of the project


All people selected in this open call must commit to licensing the content produced in and for Colaboradora under Creative Commons (the type and profile of the license can be discussed with our team). This is a requirement of Instituto Procomum.